Rachel Rooney


Have you ever met someone who calms your soul? Within minutes of meeting these two, I immediately felt a calming vibe. Not just towards each other, but also towards me. Hannah currently lives overseas, while Ricardo is in Houston. They came back to San Francisco for a long weekend, full of wedding planning and little sleep. Despite their hectic schedules, these two were so relaxed and truly soaked in every minute with each other.

H+R, I cannot wait to shoot your romantic wedding this fall.  


| Let your head be where your feet are |

I am not a big New Year's resolution type of a person. But this year, I figured 'what the heck' I will make a couple and give them a shot. After much thought, my resolution has been to be more present. I have found that when you really soak life in, how increasingly more fulfilling life becomes.

After my sessions, I race home, giddy to start editing. Not just because of the anticipation, but I truly love looking back at the emotion captured between the couples. Going through Cara + Mike's photos, I was amazed how incredibly present they were during our session. These two have such a calming presence about them, but you simply can't ignore their zest for each other. 

If I have one piece of advise for couples throughout their wedding process, it is to get lost in each other. Not in the lists or the tasks; but get lost with your fiancé and be present with them. Your photos and your hearts will thank you. 

Cara + Mike, I could not be more excited to share your special day with the two of you. 


I have been blessed with meeting the sweetest people along my photography journey. Brisha & Arnold are no exception. Here in California, we have been soaked with rain over the past month. B&A's engagement session somehow fell on a dry day, but many of the locations we discussed were closed due to high water or winter storms. These two fully embraced their day and made some magical moments in this location that we stumbled upon. B&A, I absolutely loved every moment of capturing your connection and can't wait for your June wedding.