Napa Engagement Photographer

Arambula Family - Sacramento, CA

Meg and I had been in talks for quite some time to nail down a date for family photos. The thick smoke and poor air quality that resulted from the Camp Fire caused us to reschedule multiple times. We took a chance on a weekend in late November and crossed our fingers for no rain or smoke. What we got was well worth the wait. This family was so easy to photograph, and even easier to spend time with. I loved being able to capture their natural, light interactions. Plus, I’m a sucker for photo shoots that incorporate pups. Thank you, Northern California golden light and Arambula family for showing off.

Baby Cayden

It is always an honor to photograph your friends. Especially when they choose (more like insist) on you. I had the pleasure of meeting Monica at my first ever big girl job. In a very intimidating environment, she was so welcoming and helped me feel right at home. We bonded instantly over trashy tv (The Bachelor/ette), Target trips, dad jokes, dirty jokes and more shopping. It has been 5+ years since I have been at said job, but our friendship hasn’t skipped a beat. Each time we talk or see each other we pick up right where we left off, which can be tough when life gets busy. Not to mention when you live 2-3 hours away.

Monica & Joey have two little boys, Caleb and Cayden. They packed up their family and drove from the Bay Area to Sacramento to spend the afternoon for their photo session. Caleb spent most of the afternoon running up and down our stairs while Cayden snoozed away. Monica, it has been a joy watching you become a mother. You are completely in your element when you are around your kiddos. Joey, Caleb and Cayden are so lucky to have you.

Lyla Jane

Since moving into our new neighborhood, we have met the sweetest, most welcoming people. Jimmy, Chelsea and little miss Lyla Jane are no different. They even have a french bulldog, Jean Pierre, which is at the top of my list for best dog names I've heard. We wandered around one of the neighborhood parks and then back into their gorgeous home for the remainder of the shoot. Six months is such a fun age to capture interactions and their fascination with the world surrounding them. Thank you, Gibson family, for choosing me to document this special time in your lives.