| Let your head be where your feet are |

I am not a big New Year's resolution type of a person. But this year, I figured 'what the heck' I will make a couple and give them a shot. After much thought, my resolution has been to be more present. I have found that when you really soak life in, how increasingly more fulfilling life becomes.

After my sessions, I race home, giddy to start editing. Not just because of the anticipation, but I truly love looking back at the emotion captured between the couples. Going through Cara + Mike's photos, I was amazed how incredibly present they were during our session. These two have such a calming presence about them, but you simply can't ignore their zest for each other. 

If I have one piece of advise for couples throughout their wedding process, it is to get lost in each other. Not in the lists or the tasks; but get lost with your fiancé and be present with them. Your photos and your hearts will thank you. 

Cara + Mike, I could not be more excited to share your special day with the two of you.